48th Birthday Special

KeeKee's 48th Birthday Business Building Blitz

What do you need help with right now in your business?

If you answered ...

"I need help attracting my ideal clients" or,
"I could use some help increasing my revenue",
or "I really need a new pair of eyes to help me simplify my business"...

Then you're going to love my 48th Birthday Business Building Blitz.

As a special gift to you from my business, you can book a one hour one-on-one coaching session for only $48 through the end of March. During your session we will work together to create a plan to solve the number one problem you are dealing with in business right now.

This session is perfect for woman entrepreneur who is motivated to take fast action today to achieve your goals. It's not for the woman who has to perfect every part of the process before she makes a move.

If the BBBB session sounds like the solution to building a business that gives you more freedom, you can book a session here: https://keekeecornelious.as.me/48thbdayblitz

Love, hugs and birthday cheer,

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