Overcome Your Child's Challenging Behaviour

Would you like to overcome challenging behaviour and create positive and lasting change in you and your child's relationship ? Tantrums, melt downs, withdrawn behaviour, aggression and defiance are just some of the challenging behaviours children will display when they are trying to communicate something with us.

My unique coaching programme focuses on the power of 'play' to solve challenging behaviour, improve communication and foster close relationship.

This programme suitable for parents, care givers, teachers and anyone who has children or a child in their life whom they would like to support and improve communication with.

 .   Individual, tailored support specific to you & your child.
 .   Understand what your child's behaviour is telling you !
 .   In depth coaching support to help you resolve whatever is
  in the way of you rediscovering & enjoying your playful nature.
.   How to use play to find actionable solutions to your child's                               meltdowns & crisis situations.
.   How to access & use the power of play in the everyday.

I offer a 6 week one to one online coaching programme - this includes daily check ins via text or email when desired for maximum support.

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