Weighted Blanket

NEW 20lb Weighted Blanket by BlanQuil

The Blanquil Blanket is 48”x74” and is 20 pounds. Designed for personal use to maximize the benefits your body will experience using a BlanQuil.
Machine Washable
Removable cover to help keep cool in the summer months! Blanket materials are breathable and you can use the inner blanket on its own (without the cover) in the summer months as it is designed for weight, not warmth.
Creates a feeling of being hugged.
Engineered in Two Parts: The Outer Machine Washable Duvet and the inner weighted blanket. Like any duvet and blanket system, the pieces move independently and shifting should be expected. For this reason, we have engineered the BlanQuil system to reduce shifting by including 8 strong ties this will help to keep the duvet and blanket lined up during use, and also allow you to quickly readjust when needed. Simply unzip the outer cover and check that all ties are secured. See Amazon Listing here for the EXACT Product - https://www.amazon.com/BlanQuil-Quilted-Weighted-Blanket-Removable/dp/B07887WMLR

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