North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

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Vision: North Carolina's nonprofit sector is a vital leader in building and sustaining equitable and thriving communities. Mission: To educate, connect, and advocate for North Carolina nonprofits. Values: Collaboration: We believe that working together with nonprofits, business, and government achieves the best solutions and strengthens the fabric of our communities. Equity and Inclusion: We are committed to helping nonprofits be change agents that contribute to an equitable society. Impact: We make a difference and focus on results that matter. Excellence: We challenge ourselves to do great work and actively seek feedback to continually improve and evolve our services. Relevance: We are responsive, adaptive, and committed to innovation. Strategic Directions: The Center will become a self-sustaining organization. It will shift its approach from a transactional framework to a dynamic and transformational culture, where equity, inclusivity, and the ability to generate sustaining earned income will guide its strategic directions through programs and services to: Advance the nonprofit sector, Innovate training, Grow relevant services for Members, Initiate connections and relationships, Improve the Center’s internal capacity.

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