Franchising your business


With over 30 years of full involvement in the franchise sector, consulting to a wide spectrum of business formats and selecting 100’s of Franchisees, Enterprise 21’s pool of knowledge and experience is considerable.


 Is your business franchise-able?
 What other expansion options should be considered? (Licenses or self-funded growth)
 Will there be a market for your franchise once constructed?
 Have you the skills, attitude and aptitude to be a Franchisor?
 Will it be necessary to retrain, up-skill or hire to fill any gaps
 What do you need to do to make it franchise ready?
 What will it cost to have the franchise market-ready?
 And other subjects that may be particular to your business, industry or location?

This constitutes a few phone calls, some paperwork to fill ot and a two day immersion in your business where all associated topics will be covered and a serious look at your current operation.

COST: $5,000 plus GST.


Over 100 items to be discussed in detail, options considered, systems outlined, costings completed and all aspects of building the desired franchise covered from a multitude of angles.

Construction of all associated documents (see above) incorporating processes from handling the initial inquiry from a prospect and leading them through a custom-built procedures that will eliminate most of the drop-off problems while maximising the analysis of the prospect as a suitable candidate for one of your franchises.

With over 50 documents, the completed franchise system will be both robust and attractive to potential franchisees.

COST: The cost varies slightly due to the simplicity or complexity of the business to be franchised. The range is from $25,000 to $40,000 GST

Going into any business can be scary – buying a franchise is no less so. Knowing what to ask, who to ask, what questions to ask are essential?

Equally essential is fully understanding what a franchise is and what your obligations are and also whether you are suited for franchising or the particular franchise you have selected.

Getting it wrong and finding out a month or two after you have begun life as a franchisee will be too late. Making a mistake can cost you everything – your home, your marriage, your self-respect and your future. While Enterprise 21 cannot make any assumptions on you success or failure, they can mitigate the risks.

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