XP3 Diesel Treatment

XP3 Diesel Treatment 180ml treating 720L

Commercial-Grade, Industrial-Strength, Ultra-Premium Fuel Upgrading Solutions.

Xp3 is a blend of purely concentrated
organic compounds and synthetic resins, containing no retail fillers, no damaging alcohol, aromatics or toluene, nor any type of diluting ingredients normally found in regular retail grade products.

Multi-Functional Blend for Diesel. Clean Diesel Combustion & Emissions Improver

All-in-One formula for year round
protection and top performance

* A more complete and cleaner burn
* Reduces fumes, pollution and emissions
* Increases torque & horsepower
* Improves throttle response
* Reduces smoke & unburnt hydrocarbons
* Extends DPF life by up to 25% or more
* Reduces DEF consumption
* Extends functional lifespan of engine oil
* Restores injector spray patterns
* Prevents oxidation, corrosion & rusting
* Adds lubricity and extends injector life
* Improves Pour Point by 10°C or more
* Protects against phase separation
* Prevents water & moisture problems
* Effective biocide against algae & bacteria
* Stabilizes and protects fuels in storage
* Improves Pour Point by 10°C
* Improves fuel economy

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