Market Domination

Dominate Your Market Online

Do you want your business to dominate your market online? Wouldn't it be cool if someone searched for your service and YOUR branded properties dominated the first page of Google? Well then this package is for you...

It is no secret that in today's business world, your website needs to visible online - especially on the first page of Google. Why? Well we have a joke in our community that says "the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google". And that's the cold, hard, truth. If your website is not visible online whether through various social media channels, videos or the search engines, you might as well not be there. Users are increasingly buying and researching potential products or services online, so it is absolutely necessary for your business to be there.

We help businesses become more visible online by connecting them with the people who are already looking for them.

What you'll get:
- Complete Site Audit
- Complete Competition Analysis
- Onpage Optimization (SEO & Conversion Rate)
- Ranking on top of Google for 10 main keywords
- 5 branded videos, optimized to rank on Google & YouTube
- social media content syndication
- social media management
- 350 local business citations
- 45 branded web 2.0 properties (helps for brand power)
- 45 high-authority blog post links
- 7 guest posts on highly relevant authority sites
- 2000 powerful social signals

** this package is guaranteed to take your website and other branded properties such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages, Yelp pages, etc. to the top of Google searches. however, please understand that it takes time. if you need immediate results, let's talk about starting a PPC campaign on Google AdWords.

please email your name and your website to so I can do a proper analysis and see which package is the best for you. we want you to get results.

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