Bless Hurr Soil

100% naturally enriched potting soil

Bless Hurr Soil was created from a combination of natural ingredients that make plants happy.

The special soil stays moist at the roots which keeps the plant replenished. Hence, the plant is self-sustaining without water 7-14 days and still grows! Even plants that are damaged can respond immediately.
You will see the green deepen in the leaves,and the stems will stand straight up in a matter of time.

Bless Hurr Soil is perfect for plants and flowers that need repotting. It’s also ideal for plants that require a lot of TLC in order to flourish. Try Bless Hurr Soil, on your trees, shrubs, indoor plants, and more.
The specially enriched soil provides results in practically after use. Your plants will be stronger, more vibrant and thrive with bless hurr soil.

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