Indoor Billboards

Indoor Advertising is an eye-catching

Indoor Advertising is an eye-catching, innovative approach to advertising. Placing your ads in your desired zip code and venue means you get your target audience in a captive situation when they can solely be focused on your message.

AllOver Media’s comprehensive array of products include Indoor Bathroom Advertising (men’s and women’s), Indoor Poster Ads.

TARGET MARKETING. Ads can be targeted for men or women, metro, suburban or rural, low-income or swanky.
STRONGER RETENTION. 64% of washroom visitors remember seeing one or more ads.
JUST PLAIN CREATIVE. With unlimited options such as mirror clings, stall doors, above the urinal and more, creative opportunities are endless.
NATIONAL COVERAGE. AllOver Media places ads in restaurants, bars, night clubs, gyms, hotels, theaters and more nationwide

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